About Lara Messer

Lara is a natural-light photographer working in food, lifestyle and fashion. Conveying flavour, lifestyle, memories, comfort and new experiences through still images. 

Clients Include

Rachel Khoo, Ebury, Estee Lauder, Deliciously Ella, Lola's Bakery, The Ned, Unilever, Anthropologie UK, Deezer, Lakeland and Lidl UK. 


I've worked with Lara over the past two years and she's been a dedicated and hard working creative. Photographing, filming and designing beautiful visuals for Khoollect and Rachel Khoo. She has a natural eye for capturing the beauty in every image. Rachel Khoo

Lara and I have worked together across a range of food and lifestyle shoots and she never fails to amaze me with her seemingly effortless talent for photography. She is flexible and always enthusiastic on set and loves rising to new challenges with energy and passion for her work. – Frankie Unsworth

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